About Us

CraftBuck as a platform offers you direct access to some of the best treasures of India. These unique pieces partnered with the independent and extremely talented Artisans to showcase their craftsmanship for a global reach as we make it available for everyone interested.

Not Just Product but,Embodiment of Indian Culture and Creativity

Through diverse and optimistic storytelling, CraftBuck focuses on letting the world know the story behind every craftsman is different from each other and how every piece reflects that story making the craft even more unique and customized. We want to bring them business opportunities at their doorstep and deliver you some of the treasured pieces of our nation.

Our Promise to You


Quality check

One thing that Craftbuck can assure our buyers is that our team of experts is working day and night to make sure that the quality we deliver to you is top-notch and nothing less than what you expect of us.


Fair Trade

Our motive is to help our sellers lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle as we cut off the middle man and make sure the craftsmen get what they  deserve.


Our tribe

With our wide audience reach, we wish to create our own tribe as we bring together buyers and sellers by providing them a simple platform to connect from the comfort of their home.


Our Vibe

We believe that every crafted piece has a story to share which deserves a special place in your home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower artisan communities while assisting them to deliver quality products to our passionate customers who admire the beauty of Indian art & handicraft and are looking for something special with a human touch in the world of mass production. We connect Artisans directly to our customers for them to promote their work to the global audience while removing middlemen & increasing livelihood. We assure high quality and on time delivery for our CraftBuck family.

Hand Crafted With Love