Bamboo Craft and its prominence in East India

India is a land of arts and crafts. These crafts originate from the past and characterize the Indian cultural heritage. A large number of crafts range from metalwork, ceramics, jewelry making, glassware, shell crafts, stonework to woodwork, etc. Indian cane and bamboo handicrafts are popular worldwide for their functional and aesthetic appeal. Especially in the northeastern states, this is an important source of livelihood for the people.

Artisans produce a variety of utility items using natural materials such as cane and bamboo. Not only are these readily available materials easy to work with and require little or no specialized tools or equipment. In India, the crafts associated with cane and bamboo, in general, have been made by different tribal societies within the country. Tribes, since ancient times, have been using cane and bamboo to express their art and earn a living. Since ancient times, tribes used bamboo and cane as a means of expressing their creativity and artistic streak, as well as making useful everyday items. Over the years, bamboo and cane products have continued to be in high demand, especially Cane Furniture.

The concept of artisan industries in India has transformed the lives of unemployed, uneducated local artisans who are endowed with various forms of traditional Indian art. In addition to providing a reliable source of livelihood for the locals, these industries have managed to promote some of the oldest art forms in India. Indian handicrafts, especially products made from cane and bamboo are manufactured inexpensively in various states of India, especially those that are naturally blessed with these natural resources.

What is bamboo? Bamboo is a very tall and fast growing perennial herb. Different parts of bamboo are used for different purposes. For example, the bamboo shoot is used for cooking while the fibers are used to create textiles.

What is the cane? Cane refers to the hollow stem of tall grass.

For those of you who love to decorate the home with natural elements, wood is not the only option. Bamboo is an option as its green, strong, lightweight, and incredibly renewable.With an exotic look, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular for home decoration. Making a bamboo project is quite easy and cheap. Anyone can create their own decorative projects for the home using this natural material, either indoors or outdoors.

So if you want to do something to decorate your living space, don’t forget to incorporate some panda into your projects.

Tripura‘s bamboo and cane crafts are among the best in India, due to their beauty and exquisite designs. A variety of products and items such as furniture, panels and partitions, tablecloths and floors, lamp shades, etc. are manufactured here. Tripura is also famous for its slim bamboo containers and mattresses. The household items created by the artisans here are a good combination of utility and artistic beauty. Panels, screens, and partitions made from split bamboo, glued to plywood is another utilitarian item created here. The split bamboo is so thin and shiny that it looks like ivory. Tripura also makes cane and bamboo decorations, which are found nowhere else in the country.

The best known basketry and weaving traditions can be found in Assam – Bengal and Tripura rugs and baskets look alike. Assam is known for its baskets, beer mugs, rugs and tablecloths, musical instruments, and fishing gear. The state of Assam is a treasure of natural cane and bamboo resources, thanks to its abundant cane and bamboo forests. Spread across Assam, artisans have long been involved in making beautiful bamboo and cane products. Assam has seen considerable socio-economic growth and sustained development over the years due to its dedicated and skilled artisans and its beautiful natural resources. Some of Assam’s most popular cane items include: walking stick mats, bamboo tea trays, bamboo head gears, bamboo sieve, musical instruments, bamboo baskets, Hukkas etc.

West Bengal- The state of West Bengal is another state of India, known for its bamboo and cane products. Thousands of artisans in Bengal are involved in the production of bamboo and cane mats, as well as striking and elegant displays and panels. What is really interesting to note is the interdependence and culture of sharing raw materials between states. The Mutra walking stick is derived from Cooch in Bihar and is used for craft work in Bengal. Some of the most popular bamboo and cane items in West Bengal include: panels, displays, mats, etc.

Mizoram is known for the production of Mizo baskets, made from woven bamboo and used to store rice. Mizoram cane hats are very popular.

Arunachal Pradesh excels at cane and bamboo work with bamboo bridges and cane belts. Usually men are involved in this art. Perhaps the best-known products here are the vibrant hats that are decorated with feathers, etc. Some of the most popular bamboo and cane items in Arunachal Pradesh include: cane belts, baskets, mats, ornaments, head accessories etc.

Manipur has baskets of unusual shapes, with a domed lid made of bamboo.  

Madhya Pradesh- It also has a rich tradition of bamboo and cane crafts. Items like mats, baskets, hunting and fishing tools, agricultural implements, etc. Are famously made of bamboo.  

Chhattisgarh and Bastar tribal belt are the main centers of production of articles made of bamboo.

The cane and bamboo products not only decorate the tribal houses but also decorate the modern house. The cane furniture, bamboo mats, screens, tablecloths, etc. are extremely popular. A number of bamboo and cane products are exported from India.   

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